Fillosophie brings together university students in philosophy who wish to promote the active presence of women - trans inclusive - and the influence of their research in philosophy. Since its creation in November 2013, Fillosophie organizes conferences that fit into all areas of philosophy given by local and international women researchers or professors.


Promote the diversity of perspectives in philosophy.

Free and open to everyone, the conferences bring together an average of fifty people who are philosophers, students, professors and researchers from other fields.

Capsule Project - Fillosophie

This mini-capsule shot by Forces AVENIR was broadcast on RDI from November 10, 2018 to January 6, 2019! Fillosophie is proud to have won the Avenir prize in the category Arts, letters and culture at the 20th Forces AVENIR university gala.

I would very much like to see more educational material to put women philosophers forward in college education. Teachers should be encouraged to talk, especially in the course Être humain, about a feminist vision of the human being. Bravo for what you are doing! You are inspiring!

~ Sol Zanetti

Bravo and thank you for this inspiring initiative!

~ Mélissa Thériault

Your initiative is an example for all departments and faculties of philosophy in Quebec and Canada. Bravo and continue your excellent work, which I will make known in my university [Sherbrooke].

~ André Duhamel